NAVAIR Job Opportunities

Let me introduce myself.   I am the National Recruiter and Outreach Coordinator for NAVAIR in Jacksonville, Florida.

I am wondering if you could help us out.

We are the US Naval Air Systems Command or "NAVAIR", located in numerous locations around the world.   Here is our website:                   

I recruit for the Jacksonville, Florida region, but represent the entire NAVAIR organization.

We are among the most desired US Federal agencies to work for each and every year.   We are always searching for the most innovative and creative minds to take us further than ever before.   We are constantly searching for Engineers (Aero, Elec, Mech, Ind), Logisticians, Statisticians, along with highly qualified Researchers, Chemists, Administrators, and so many more.

The northeast Florida region is a wonderful place to not only work, but to live.   We could offer your graduates a phenomenal start to their professional careers.

In addition to our need for highly trained Aircraft Mechanics, Sheet Metal Mechanics, Avionics, Aircraft Electricians, NDT, and several other Aviation Maintenance positions, we are currently looking for very highly qualified Aviation Painters and hope your institution could help us with that need.

I can be reached by email:    Phone:          904-779-4940

We were just awarded the Presidential Helicopter support program (SPAR).   Anyone with a Top Secret and possibly even a Yankee White security clearance background please consider us.

We currently have 1 position open on USAJobs for anyone looking to get their foot in the door with us:
        IT Specialist                   (CLOSES FRIDAY, 12 AUGUST 2016)
Please continually check USAJobs as we change our job postings daily

Please pass onto your Veterans Center that we can hire them directly bypassing the USAJobs application process if they qualify for the VRA (Veteran Recruitment Appointment) preference status.   They would need only one of these four criteria to qualify:
        1) Separated from Active Duty Military within the past 36 months
        2) War/Campaign/Expeditionary Medal
        3) Armed Forces Service Medal
        4) Disabled Veteran (any percentage)
When they apply to us, we would need the following documentation to verify VRA status:
        1) DD-214     *to verify #1, #2, #3 above
        2) SF-15      *to verify #4 (if necessary)
        3) VA Letter  *to verify #4 (if necessary)
        4) Statement of Service (only if they do not have a DD-214)
Finally, they had to separate from the Military under one of these conditions:
        1) Honorable
        2) General

Anyone with a Schedule-A Disability could also bypass the USAJobs application process as well.   Anyone interested in Federal employment, please have them send the above documents plus we prefer the Federal Resume, which this website has a very easy-to-use template:

Any further questions regarding VRA, please refer to this website:

We also offer Pathways, which is the Federal government's Internship program.   Please consider NAVAIR for your Internship needs.  We offer both pre and post-graduation Internship opportunities.    Anyone considering Pathways, does not have to apply through USAJobs, but just contact me.

There is also the SMART Federal scholarship program:

I look forward to hearing back from anyone interested and connected with your Academic institution, Veterans Group, Career Resource Center, Employer Outreach coordinators, and your Internship Program coordinators.


Scott Gemmill
Naval Air Systems Command